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The Expert Laundry Service You Are Looking For!

Washing your clothes is one of the most time-consuming chores that you need to attend to on a regular basis. But you can take that burden by having a professional laundry service. Aside from providing better cleaning, you can also have more time with your family or with your other important task.

There is plenty of laundromat company in the area. But you should only entrust your clothes to reliable ones. In Mauldin, SC, Thumbs Up Coin Laundry is the dry cleaning company you should hire to wash your delicate garments. The company is open every day to accommodate more customers.

Our licensed and insured laundromat company has been providing high-quality laundry services in the area for over 40 years. Being able to survive in the business for that long only proves that we earned the community’s trust. This is because our customer’s satisfaction is always our top priority.

We understand how busy homeowners can get. That is why you can just drop off your clothes in our shop during business hours. We can do the washing, drying and even folding for you. Then, you can conveniently pick it up when it’s done.

When you hire us, you can be assured that you are getting high-quality results. With our decades of industry experience, we learned what products are best for every fabric. Our staffs are well-trained and skilled. We have the adequate knowledge on how to properly care for your garments.

Whether you are looking for a coin laundry or you wanted someone to do the task for you, you should take your washables at our shop. With our high-end washing machines, we can assure you that your clothes are getting the care they deserve.

Based in Mauldin, SC, Thumbs Up Coin Laundry is the company you should trust for the proper cleaning of your garments. Aside from our excellent services, we also offer one of the most affordable rates in the area. Call us today at (864) 249-4778 for inquiries!