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The Laundromat Shop You Can Count On!

Washing your own clothes can be very time-consuming. It’s not every day you have an extra time to allocate for washing your dirty clothes. Other than that, it can also be exhausting if you have a month of uncleaned clothes to wash. Good thing, there is an increasing number of laundromat establishments in Mauldin, SC. One of those is Thumbs Up Coin Laundry and as a local laundromat shop in the area for more than 40 years, we have always been driven to provide quality laundry services to our clients. Amongst those services we provide are listed below.

Coin Laundry

With our coin-operated washers, you can save yourself from the hassle of going to the billing counter to pay for the service. All you need to bring is your coins, which would serve as your payment already. What’s fascinating with our coin laundry service is the fact that you can manage your own time. You don’t have to spend your time waiting for the professional launderer to finish washing your clothes. Instead, you’ll be the one to expedite the laundering process.

Dry Cleaning

If you have any special clothes you want to clean, but you’re kind of afraid to wash it using the traditional method, you can opt using our dry cleaner instead. Here at our shop, we use fluids to remove stains from fabrics. With this fluid, it has the ability to eliminate stains without damaging the natural fibers such as silk and wools. It also prevents shrinkage, loss of natural color, and change of cloth texture.

Wash and Fold

With our wash and fold services, it’ll save you so much time and money. In terms of price rate, we offer very affordable washing services here in our establishment. In addition to that, you’ll also save yourself from the hassle of sorting out and folding your clothes as it is our job to do that.

If you are after affordable laundromat services in the area of Mauldin, SC and , Thumbs Up Coin Laundry is the one you should turn to. Call us at (864) 249-4778.