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How Can You Benefit from Our Coin Laundry Service?

If you are a college student, you would know the struggle of juggling your academic studies and chores at the same time. It can really be challenging to fit your laundry tasks in between your class and extracurricular activities. But you have to worry no more! If you have dirty clothes, towels, linens, and athletic gear piling up in your apartment, all you need to do is visit Thumbs Up Coin Laundry’s laundromat establishment in Mauldin, SC since we offer coin laundry service for a more efficient washing of clothes. Here are the benefits of why you should turn to our service:


The fact cannot be denied that our coin laundry, or also known self-service laundry, provides convenience to the customers, especially to college students. We start to open in the early morning at 9 and we close at 9 late in the evening as well. With our laundry service, you can throw your load anytime or once your classes are finished. Moreover, we are open 7 days a week, so you can definitely have the time to clean your clothes before the classes on weekdays to start.

Customer-Friendly Washers

Here in our laundromat shop, we have a variety of washers and dryers in different sizes. We have special washers that are equipped to wash heavy linens and we also have ones that are intended for washing ordinary clothes.


If you are short on time to wash your clothes, since you still need to finish your academic papers, there’s no need to feel stressed out. Just come by to our laundry shop for we have rows of washers for you to utilize. All you need is to wait around an hour or two and you’ll get your clothes back, clean and fresh.

For the more information, Thumbs Up Coin Laundry is located at Mauldin, SC. You can also phone us via this number: (864) 249-4778.